What is Public Action Management?

Public Action Management, PLC, is a company that provides expertise in public policy leadership and assistance to people in alcohol and drug recovery. The current focus is on alcohol issues: support for alcohol regulation, prevention of underage drinking, support for alcohol moderation and methods to “push back” on toxic cultural messages that encourage kids to drink. The company was founded in 2005 by Pamela S. Erickson. Ms. Erickson has over 16 years’ experience working on alcohol issues. For seven years, she served as Executive Director of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. In that position, she transformed an antiquated, bureaucratic agency into a high performance organization guided by a strategic plan.

In 2003, she left to join Oregon Partnership, an alcohol and drug abuse prevention organization where she designed and directed their programs to prevent underage drinking. While there she designed and managed the state's underage drinking media campaign, called Face it Parents. The campaign was carefully crafted using parent focus groups and had the unique feature of using youth groups to create radio and television ads.

In 2007, she formed her own company. A major project involves an effort to educate policy makers, regulators, and others about the value of marketplace regulation. The program is called “Campaign for a Healthy Alcohol Marketplace,” and fosters a balance of public safety and business needs. The program began in two pilot states, Oregon and Washington, and now operates nationally with a monthly newsletter, several educational reports, and a website, www.healthyalcoholmarket.com

Ms. Erickson is an accomplished public speaker. Some examples of her work are:

Ms. Erickson has a Master's Degree in Government from Georgetown University and a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from Portland State University. She is a graduate of the Dale Carnegie leadership program where she also served as a trainer.

In 2010, Bill Domstrand, Pam’s husband, changed his role from an investor to an active firm member. He launched a new project called Mustard Seed Housing. Mr. Domstrand sought to blend his 20 years’ experience in real estate, development and property management with his passion to help people new in alcohol and drug recovery. Domstrand has worked as a volunteer helping people stay clean and sober for over 30 years. He currently volunteers at Crossroads, a Phoenix alcohol and drug treatment facility.

Mustard Seed Housing involved purchase of apartments that are good options for people new in recovery. They are actively managed to eliminate problems with drugs and alcohol. Drugs are prohibited and alcohol is not allowed in public areas of the facility. The apartments are affordable for someone new in recovery and both have AA meeting places within walking distance.